Who is the favourite to lift US Open 2018?

Will the big 4 extend their title dominance or someone away from the camera flashes is going to make major stride at US Open 2018.Lets take a look.

So much has been said about the big 4 in the past couple of years about there fading dominance due to their age but the past few grand slam results depict a totally different picture. It has been all about Roger and Rafa and now after Wimbledon 2018 we all know who is back in business.

So is there a realistic chance for the coming of age players like Borna Coric,Alexander Zverev,Nick Kyrgios and Dennis Shapavalov to snatch that Big 4 tag in the near future?

To be honest nobody is going to buy that argument for now. Maybe these players can claim the title in future but the present results are no where in support of the argument.

So coming back to the US Open 2018,Big 4 will still remain the favourite to add another souvenir in their respective museum of trophies .There might be an upset here and there but not a major shock per se.

So who is it going to be among Roger,Rafa,Djokovic and Murray/Del Potro?

Flushing Meadows has all the answers!!!



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